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Our sister's hot friend's site

Our sister's hot friend's site

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Mikey G on RAW vs Braun Stroman 10.10.16

Real Fake Combat News

An Xmas Carol with WWE  

Despite perpetually bleeding money and minimal box off appeal, WWE is still in the movie business. Yet again they enter into the foray of holiday cinema with the remake of a holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. The movie takes place in present day, and while the story is similar, there are some huge changes to the plot. 

The story will remain mostly intact but the backdrop is New York City, where struggling social media ambassador Robert Cratchit works for fragments of cryptocurrency as an employee of Super…

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Comedy Suplex Network  

It's the Comedy Suplex Network! All shows are available at ComedySuplex.XYZ as well as iTunes and Stitcher. Also check out our sister's hot friend's site HalfGuarded.com for blogs, wacky articles, and plenty of fake news! 

Comedy Suplex Podcart: Episode 71 with ROH color commentator Colt Cabana - @ColtCabana joins PeachMachine & Mikey G to discuss his time in WWE, his thoughts on the ROH scene, and then he plays a round of "Who Tweeted" against Mikey G. Next week's guest on the Comedy Suplex Podcart will…

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ComedySuplex.xyz merges with @HalfGuarded.com 

We’ve combined forces with HalfGuarded.com to bring you the funniest professional wrestling and MMA coverage on the Internet! Now, the Comedy Suplex Podcart family of Dirty Ron McDonald, PeachMachine, Nature Boy Jon and Ed in San Antonio, will join with Mike Coughlin, Matt Grady, Chris Najdek, and the rest of the HalfGuarded writing staff… and we’re doing a promotion right now. If you buy the Comedy Suplex "Who Cares?" shirt or the “I broke Peach’s leg” shirt from HalfGuarded.com, and tweet a photo of it…

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I Broke Peach's Leg - Get the shirt!  

Support the @PeachMachine and make fun of him at the same time! Get the shirt! 

Peach is back at work finally but is still in the hole. If you've already donated, you're already a hero, but if you'd like to cement your legendary status, support his recovery, support the site, and zing him! 

The first 10 people who buy it and tweet a photo of it being worn, YOU will get to be a guest on his show, PeachMachine's Parade. If you're shy, or if your wardrobe doesn't need another ironic t-shirt, you can still…

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UFC 228 Preview: Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till  

Tonight, the UFC goes live on pay-per-view for the 228th time! Live from Dallas Texas, the UFC Welterweight Championship will be defended by current champion Tyron "The Chosen One" Woodley against the #2 contender Darren "The Gorilla Till. 

Unfortunately, that will be the only title fight on the show as the Women's Flyweight Champion Nicco Montano was taken to the hospital due to illness revolving around weight cutting. Since then, Dana White has stripped her of the UFC flyweight title and said that her…

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