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On this podcast, Nature Boy Jon and PeachMachine take a retrospective look at professional wrestling. Look back at the Monday night wars as well as early WWF in this classy podcast. Follow @GrapplingC on Twitter.


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A Grappling Cooperative 16: WWE TLC, the First  

In episode 16 & 17 of A Grappling Cooperative, the continuing series known as "First & Last," will examine the WWE's first and last TLC pay-per-view. It's analysis, NOT comedy. Lolz. 

On this show, episode 16 of A Grappling Cooperative, Nature Boy Jon, and PeachMachine run down the first ever WWE TLC pay-per-view from 2009, which included a Tables match between John Cena and Sheamus. Then, in Episode 17 they will recap WWE's most recent (last) TLC pay-per-view from 2018, which included a three-way TLC match for the Smackdown Women's championship, and make comparisons.  

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A Grappling Cooperative 15: WCW Starrcade 2000, the last-ish  

On episode 15 of A Grappling Cooperative, the Nature Boy Jon and PeachMachine are back to discuss the last WCW Starrcade PPV from 2000. The main event of this show was WCW World Champion Scott Steiner defending his big gold belt against Sid Vicious. Plus, this show had a crazy Cruiserweight ladder match, a hardcore match featuring old as dirt Terry Funk vs. Crowbar and a ridiculously bad match between General Hugh G. Rection vs. the Franchise Shane Douglas.  

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