FOX to change WWE Raw to WWE Medium-Rare

Raw is Medium-Rare

With the pending move of WWE's "A" show from USA Network to big FOX, a make-over in the programming's title is likely to occur.

Currently, WWE airs its flagship show Monday Night Raw with a TV-PG…

UFC 225: Romero Misses Weight, Blames Satan

Not even Jesus can save the middleweight title

You heard it right. Yoel Romero missed weight again. After being given an extra two hours to make the 185-pound weight limit for the UFC middleweight championship headline match for…

WWE Adds the First Amendment to List of Banned Substances

Now I control everything, goddammit!

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has expanded its list of banned substances to include the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects free speech.

Although the WWE has already banned substances…

ROH Honor United - Night 3, Doncaster, U.K.


Toru Yano and Kenny King beat Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian

  • Kaz and Daniels buried the crowd for their poor dental hygiene. 
  • A special ref for this match was announced: Tenille Dashwood. Far be it from me to…

ROH Honor United - Night 2, London

ROH Honor United - Night 2, London 

Jay Lethal defeated Mark Briscoe 

  • This was a great pro wrestling match between two excellent vets. 
  • I love seeing the Briscoes in singles action. 
  • Lethal is such a great performer. His…

WWE to Launch Extreme Baseball League (XLB) in Summer 2019

In the wake of announcing the re-launch of the XFL, the WWE has announced plans to also start a new extreme baseball league in the summer of 2019, the XLB. The Xtreme League Baseball, whose name doesn't really make…

McMahon Sells WWE to Ted Turner to Pursue XFL Relaunch

And We Hate The... XFL

In a shocking turn of events, Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon has sold the entire WWE entity to Turner Broadcasting. WWE was in the initial stages of negotiating a new contract with the USA…

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