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Fight Cart: UFC 227 Fight Pass Prelims w/ Bort & Tony  

This is a fight companion podcast. Turn on your UFC Fight Pass, turn down the volume, and turn up the Comedy Suplex Fight Cart. The Viggity, Bort, and our pal Tony watched and commentated on the Fight Pass prelims before UFC 227. Enjoy!

Ep 034: Fist Combat TV #308  

The boys are back together in Florida. Mikey G, The Viggity, & Bort watch FIST Combat TV episode 308 (Get Fist'd TV available on youtube) and crack wise, or more like crack unintelligently. A fun time was had by all. Remember to follow @ComedySuplex @FistCombaTV @PeachMachine @TheViggity @DirtyRonMcD & @GrapplingC - Subscribe to the Comedy Suplex Podcart on iTunes and go to to become a patron.

Ep 033: A Show About Nothing  

This epi-boy is so fresh and so clean, Viggity can't even remember what they talked about because his hippocampus hasn't processed the short-term memory into long-term storage. Either that, or it wasn't memorable. Who cares.

Ep 032: The Filthy Tom Show  

Filthy Tom happily lends his name to the promotion of the tag team match of the Beach Bums vs. Bryan Alvarez and ? which is going down at the Las Vegas convention on Saturday, August 18 at the Future Stars of Wrestling show. Be sure and tweet to Tom and let him know how much it means to us goofs at the Comedy Suplex Podcart to have his credibility attached to the match in which he will be leaving his Chop N' Roll Express partner out to dry.

Ep 031: All Women's PPV, Hawaiian Beach House Vacation  

In the second episode of the week if you count Sunday which I don't because it's the worst day, the duo discuss the WWE Evolution all women pay-per-view event and come up with their own tag lines. Then Mikey gets drawn into playing Hawaiian Beach house Vacation which is an all Samoan version of Road Trip. 

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Duck the scissors, gimme the leg snapper

Duck the scissors, gimme the leg snapper

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