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Comedy Suplex Podcart 82: WTF News, Tampon used as weapon, AEW stabs ROH in the back, Celebrities wrestling in 2019  

Sweet smizzmar it’s the Comedy Suplex Podcart back in action! Hear about the incredible WTF news covering All Elite Wrestling stabbing ROH in the back, what celebrities may enter into the squared circle in 2019, and Priscilla Kelly stuffs a used tampon down her opponents throat! It’s already been a crazy year, and we’re just getting started! 

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AGC 13: Wrestling Observer HOF voting part II  

It's time for part II of the Wrestling Observer HOF voting discussion. Nature Boy Jon pleads his case for Trish Stratus or Rick Martel. Then at the end, the cooperative just willy nilly toss some names in to round it out. Who's Don Owens? Who knows, who cares... We're voting for him! 

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Squire David Taylor & Slick Willy…

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AGC 10: Top 5 Most Underrated Wrestlers of All Time  

A Grappling Cooperative kicks off again with one of our favourite things... well, five of our favourite things... LISTS! In this episode, the cooperative discusses some of the most underrated wrestlers of all time, as Nature Boy Jon and The Viggity each give their top fives, plus some honorable mentions. Mix in some wackiness and inside jokes and you'll be sure to have an enjoyable listening experience. Stay tuned to ComedySuplex.XYZ for the next episode, which you've probably already guessed the topic, the…

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