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Comedy Suplex Wrestling League 11: Dirty Ron Live  

On this week of the Comedy Suplex Wrestling League, the only professional wrestling fantasy show with a cyborg and a magic pearl, Dabbledob and PeachMachine are joined by CSWL competitor Dirty Ronald McDonald. 

This week is the final episode of Tuesday Night Turmoil before the second ever pay-per-view. Find out what name they come up with and the matches that will take place on that show. Tension is building, feuds are heating up, and pole matches are being booked! You don't want to miss this episode! 

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Comedy Suplex Wrestling League 10: Tumultuous Tuesday Night Turmoil  



It's the tremendously tumultuous tantalizingly terrific Tuesday Night Turmoil from the Comedy Suplex Wrestling League! 


On this episode: 

  • Continuing their feud, Meng & PeachMachine challenge each other in tests of strength, literally. 
  • Bray Wyatt's "Deathbed" gives us an ominous look into the future of the Velveteen Dream. 
  • Seemingly returning from the dead, Dirty Ron's father Doink is back to support his son, albeit with an oddly Canadian influence. 
  • In championship news action, Tony Schiavone gives the Television title tournament a hot start as the brackets begin to take shape!
  • Also, find out what happens between Kenny Omega and Matt Taven, and just who is the rightful top contender to Chad Gable's CSWL championship! 


Stay tuned to Tuesday Night Turmoil every week on the Comedy Suplex Podcart Network. New shows of the Comedy Suplex Wrestling League debut every Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. EST.

Comedy Suplex Wrestling League 9: TV Title Tournament announcement  

On this week, a bunch of crazy crap happens. You'll have to listen to find out!

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Comedy Suplex Wrestling League 8: Conquest fallout, a king is crowned  

Conquest, the pay-per-view extravaganza, is over. Now the Comedy Suplex Wrestling League must handle the fallout, on Tuesday Turmoil! The first king of the CSWL has been crowned in Chad Gable. A new number one contender has been declared. Cesaro has been mauled again. Dirty Ron is in the slammer.  Finally, not least of all, new talent will be added to the roster. 

Also at Conquest, Hardcore Hak debuted in the first ever CWSL three-way dance to defeat Dalton Castle and Matt Sydal. Trouble is afoot with team Jenga. The Baron has seen enough of the Jender Bender. Not only that, Bray Wyatt got the best of Velveteen Dream and will debut his new talk show, the Living Nightmare. Holy smokes what a show! 

Check out all the latest fantasy action from the CSWL and follow along as host Justin Dabbledob guides PeachMachine in an attempt to build a reputable professional wrestling promotion, albeit with a cybernetic wrestler, and manlike lizards terrorizing the innocent.

Comedy Suplex Wrestling League 7 : Conquest ppv  

The Comedy Suplex Wrestling League is ready to crown its first king, as the “Quest for the Crown” tournament concludes. It’s time for CONQUEST! 

This week, it’s the Conquest pay-per-view/network special event. It’s been six weeks of intense farcical action taking place in the “Quest for the Crown” tournament, and two men are left standing after a grueling double-elimination tournament. Matt Taven stands unbeaten as the winner of the main bracket, but across the ring stands perpetual underdog Chad Gable, who has had to fight through adversity after nearly being eliminated. Now, Gable must defeat Taven twice if he wants to become the first ever CSWL World Champion. 

Also in action, Bray Wyatt vs. Velveteen Dream, Punishment Martinez takes on Samoa Joe inside a steel cage, plus tag team action, the first ever three-way dance, and so much more. 

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Comedy Suplex Wrestling League #5: Quest for the Crown  

On the Comedy Suplex wrestling league this week, the TV show and first pay-per-view finally get named! The show will be called Tuesday Night Turmoil, and the PPV to crown the first ever CSWL champion will be called... CONQUEST! Listen this week to find out who will be in the tournament finals, and what other matches and feuds will culminate, in 2 weeks at CONQUEST, only available in your mind. 

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