ALL IN: Part 1 

This article is a companion piece for the biggest independent wrestling show of all time, All In.  It’s not going to be in-depth move-for-move coverage. It’s comedy, not analysis. Enjoy! 

From the Sears Center in Chicago, it’s time to place a wager and I’m going ALL IN! 

MATCH #1: MJF vs. Matt Cross 

  • This was my first time ever seeing MJF and the first time in a loooong time that I’ve seen Cross so I was excited about this match, and it didn’t disappoint. 
  • Exactly what an opener on this type of show should be, a lot of action, good crowd interaction, and a fun hot start to what is a monumental event. 
  • MJF attacked the arm of Cross and used a package shoulder breaker that was pretty neat. 
  • MJF used an intense inside out jumping sit down piledriver, which is a move I’ve never seen before. That should have been the finish but Cross kicked out. 
  • Cross hit a crazy shoulder springboard cutter to set up a really nice Shooting Star Press for the win. 
  • I’m not sure why Cross has never gotten much of a mainstream look in the United States, but he really upped his stock here. 

RESULT: Matt Cross defeated MJF 

STARS 2.5 

Sean Mooney interviewed Nick Aldis about his NWA World Championship title defense against Cody later in the evening. He said referenced his title as the “10 pounds of gold” and claimed his belt was the most prestigious. 

MATCH #2: Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell (w/ Josh Segarra) 

  • The “New Reffin’ Show” Jerry Lynn refereed this one. 
  • Amell was announced as representing Bullet Club. Ok. Sounds like he just wants to move some shirts. 
  • This was only Amell’s third match, and he was undefeated but those were tag matches, and this is his first singles match. 
  • SoCal Uncensored has a new t-shirt reminiscent of the EC FN’ W red and black t-shirt as discussed by Nature Boy Jon and myself on Epiboy 2 of A Grappling Cooperative. 
  • John Mayer was shown at ringside. I wonder if he was upset about his guitar being destroyed by Seth Rollins. 
  • Amell at least looked sort of like a wrestler as he’s in decent shape and wearing pleather pants. 
  • Daniels looks like a balder fatter Amell. 
  • Amell set up a table on the outside. That never bodes well. 
  • Daniels needs to stop doing the Arabian Press moonsault. For one, he nearly dies every time, and for two I’m not sure that name is politically correct. Shouldn’t it be called the 
  • Amell hit a Falcon Arrow which seems to be the current indie darling move much in the way the 619, the run-stop-bump, and the downward spiral have all had their trending times. Callis said that no one kicks out of that move, and literally, I’ve seen three people kick out of it in the last week. 
  • Amell hit a coast-to-coast dropkick. 
  • Daniels barely connected with the BME. 
  • On the outside, Daniels found himself on the table but he moved and Amell crashed through it with an elbow drop. That got a “Broken Arrow” chant. 
  • Lynn threw both men back in and then got in Daniel’s face for no reason. 
  • Daniels connected a second time with the BME for the win. 
  • Apparently, Lynn is going to be feuding with Daniels in a feud that should have happened twenty years ago. 

RESULT: Christopher Daniels defeated Stephen Amell 

STARS: 1.5 

MATCH #3: Fatal 4-Way: Madison Rayne vs. Britt Baker vs. Chelsea Green vs. Tessa Blanchard 

  • Tessa Blanchard is going to be a star. Her presence is ever. 
  • Britt Baker surprised me with some nice offense and decent selling. 
  • Chelsea Green’s character is really good, but I think the smeared make-up is trying too hard. She needs to just be crazy. 
  • Madison Rayne looks like a CrossFit mom. She’s attractive, but you can tell she’s past her prime. Her skin looks like a catchers mitt. 
  • I don’t like that the way to get a bunch of women on a show is to cram them into a four-way. It just complicates things and if something goes awry, the match can fall apart quickly. This one had some botches but nothing terrible. 
  • I liked the match but I would have preferred a singles match between Chelsea and Tessa. 

RESULT: Tessa Blanchard pinned Chelsea Green 


MATCH #4: Cody vs. Nick Aldis 

  • I liked this match despite the botched spots and there were quite a few. Cody completely whiffed on a superkick and Aldi bumped it. Oh well. 
  • The big spot was Cody going for his dive and Aldi hitting a forearm which was supposed to lead to Cody getting busted open. It was unclear what happened but Cody was down for waaaaaaaay too long to simply gig. Maybe he forgot his gig, maybe it wasn’t working, who knows, but DDP came down and ended up giving Daivari a cutter for no reason, just to kill time.   
  • The blood was a nice touch but it didn’t really work coming off a forearm and with the delay, it was just silly. 
  • Many people don’t think Aldi is very good but he’s passable in the ring. Unfortunately, he and Cody are about at the same level and so it never really got going. 

RESULT: Cody pinned Aldis to win the NWA World Championship 


MATCH #5: Chicago Street Fight: Adam Page vs. Joey Janela 

  • This match was really not much. They pulled out all the stops here but it never really drew me in as a fan. 
  • Janela took some sick bumps but he really looked out of place on this card. 
  • This was all a big backdrop for the return of Joey Ryan, and wow, what a return! 
  • A parade of dancing penises revealed that Joey Ryan was alive! To be honest, that’s all I can really remember. 

RESULT: Adam Page defeated Joey Janela 

STARS: 2.75

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