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Comedy Suplex Podcart: Episode 71 with ROH color commentator Colt Cabana - @ColtCabana joins PeachMachine & Mikey G to discuss his time in WWE, his thoughts on the ROH scene, and then he plays a round of "Who Tweeted" against Mikey G. Next week's guest on the Comedy Suplex Podcart will be ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni. 

PeachMachine's Parade: DM me or reply here if you'd like to be a guest on the show. This week's parade float will be St. Louis wrestling historian & longtime Wrestling Observer contributor Patrick Brandmeyer. Check out parade float #6 with Producer Rob (@LevelandRowns) for an inside look at the F4W Empire. 

A Grappling Cooperative: Our classy retrospective show with host Nature Boy Jon. This week, Jon & Peach discuss the first Starrcade, "A Flair for the Gold" from 1983. 

Women's Wrestling Extravaganza: Host Ed in San Antonio takes a monthly look at all things related to women's wrestling. 

Comedy Suplex Wrestling League: Host Justin Dabbledob & Peach fantasy book a fantasy promotion of a fake sport! What could be more real? 

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Listen on ComedySuplex.XYZ. For iTunes & Stitcher search "Comedy Suplex Podcarts on iTunes" because Mikey G is an idiot. 

Thanks for listening and reading! Enjoy bitches! 


P.S. I think I'm supposed to tell you to drink something here, but I haven't done that in so long I've forgotten. Drink ketchup? Ya, that's it.

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