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We’ve combined forces with to bring you the funniest professional wrestling and MMA coverage on the Internet! Now, the Comedy Suplex Podcart family of Dirty Ron McDonald, PeachMachine, Nature Boy Jon and Ed in San Antonio, will join with Mike Coughlin, Matt Grady, Chris Najdek, and the rest of the HalfGuarded writing staff… and we’re doing a promotion right now. If you buy the Comedy Suplex "Who Cares?" shirt or the “I broke Peach’s leg” shirt from, and tweet a photo of it being worn by you or your dog to us @ComedySuplex, you’ll get a shout out on the Comedy Suplex Podcart, AND the first three people will get to be a guest on PeachMachine’s Parade! We’ll also give you a shout out on that next show if you retweet and like any of our episode tweets

If you don’t need another ironic T-shirt to take up your ever-shrinking closet space, and would still like to support the show, we have a PayPal donate button on ComedySuplex.XYZ where you can make a one- time donation. If you’d like to be an even more generous hero, you can become a Patreon subscriber at, where you will get early access to shows, as well as extended bonus content. All money from donations, shirt sales, and Patreon subscriptions will be put back into the website to expand our ever increasing podcast dominance. 

If you’re interested in sponsoring our show, email, or tweet to us @ComedySuplex, or drop Mikey a line on Facebook. You will want to be able to tell your friends that you knew about Comedy Suplex before we sold out, which we absolutely will. 

Speaking of sponsors, check out for the hot new supplement line from TJ Wilson (@TJWilson), aka WWE’s Tyson Kidd. He’s been a long-time supporter of our show and original Team Viggity member.

His pre-workout called Ferocity is a game changer. If you want to shred your workout, you need to be ferocious! And of course, you need to recover with his line of BCAA’s… that’s a FACT! Follow @WorkHorseFit and go to – He’s offering a special right now where you can get both “Ferocity” and “FACT” for the low price of 69.99, which includes shipping. 

We’ve got a few new Patreon patrons to thank for signing up at the Banana Pancake level which is only $1.99 a month… A big thank you to @TheProLifeguard, and @ParkingCone. If you’d like to become a patron, you’ll get early access to podcarts, bonus shows, and extended editions of our carts. There are multiple tiers from which to choose that come with different perks. Become a "Banana Pancake Eater" for $1.99 a month, a "Fanny Pack Wearer" for $2.99 a month, a "Monkey Knife Fighter" for $4.99 a month, and "Satan’s Pen-Pal" at $6.66 a month, a "Big Bad Booty Daddy" for $8.88 a month, and a "WWE Network Subscriber" for $9.99 a month. 

Another big thank you to Jonathan Brader for composing the intro and outro music for our show. It’s a tremendous little ditty, and you can listen to the whole song on ComedySuplex.XYZ. It’s listed as podcart #53.5 because it was released between cart 53 and cart 54.

Check out Jonathan Brader’s other songs on his YouTube page, purchase his songs and albums on iTunes. Follow him on twitter @JonathanBrader, and every Friday he releases a song of the week on #FirstTakeFriday. So check that out each Friday. 

While you’re on iTunes, don’t forget to subscribe to quote, “Comedy Suplex Podcarts on iTunes” because Mike’s an idiot and named it as such. You can just search Comedy Suplex and it should show up. Please subscribe and leave us a review. Also, please subscribe the phones of family members when they leave it on the table and walk out of the room. They’ll love you for it. 

We’re also available on Stitcher. Find us by searching “Comedy Suplex.” 

Please also check out our three other Comedy Suplex productions, A Grappling Cooperative, PeachMachine’s Parade, and WWE: Women’s Wrestling Extravaganza. A Grappling Cooperative is a classy retrospective on professional wrestling and mixed martial arts with host Nature Boy Jon. PeachMachine’s Parade is a one-on-one long-form interview. PeachMachine hosts a slew of zany guests. Previous guests have been Rohan Unrau, Dabbledob, Judge Jeff Jones, and Producer Rob.

Finally, our women’s wrestling extravaganza is hosted by the world famous EdinSanAntonio. Once a month, Ed and Peach will bring you all of the news and show rundowns related only to Women’s wrestling. If you retweet any of our show posts, you’ll get a shout out on the next episode of that show. We’re running a twitter contest right now using #NameThatShow. If you have a name you think Ed and Peach should use for their show title, tweet it to @EdinSanAntonio & @PeachMachine and the winner will get to join us on our podcart. We’re currently using the name WWE: Women’s Wrestling Extravaganza, but we’re open to all suggestions, especially if they insult Ed. 

Another sponsor of our show is Fibonacci Health Care. Anthony Fibonacci has been treating athletes such as Peach and Matt Sydal (@FindEvan), for their various sports injuries throughout their careers.

From average Joe to high-level professional athlete, check out and follow @FibonacciHealthcare on twitter. His injury prevention techniques, as well as rehabilitation and treatments, use innovative new technology to treat the whole person not just the injury. 

If you’re a fan of independent professional wrestling, you’ll love FIST Combat! Check out FIST Combat’s YouTube page for “Full Match Monday’s,” follow @FistCombatTV, and check your local listings in the San Diego area for live events. 

Follow all of our accounts on Twitter: @ComedySuplex, @DirtyRonMcD, @PeachMachine, @TheViggity, @GrapplingC, @EdinSanAntonio, @HalfGuarded, @FreeBearly, and @FistCombatTV. We're also on FaceBook where you can friend us, Mikey G, Nature Boy Jon, and Ed in San Antonio. Follow our IMGUR @ComedySuplex and our Instagram @ComedySuplex.

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