Lebron James Retires from NBA, Reports to WWE Performance Center 

Attention WWE superstars... Prepare to get dunked on

Possibly the biggest superstar and greatest basketball player on the planet has retired from the NBA and will be changing entertainment avenues. In a stunning announcement, NBA free agent Lebron James said that he has opted to retire from the league and will begin training for a career in WWE. 

James was spotted at the WWE Performance Center during last week’s tryout camp amongst other premier athletes from the NFL, NCAA, and the Olympics. All the athletes at the camp were there by invite only as WWE continues to scout the top ranks of every sport in an attempt to find the next crossover superstar. 

Paul “HHH” Levesque commented on James' participation, “Yes we invited James. We want athletes from all sports and who better to make the crossover to the ring than the master of the crossover Lebron James. 

Levesque was asked about James performance at the tryout. “Since the NBA is full of sissies who go down upon minimal contact, he’s already great at bumping and selling.” 

James commented, “Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman, Shaq, and now the King, have all entered the squared circle and were incredibly successful. The problem was that these players were at the end of their careers. I’m in my prime, and WWE will get to showcase my talent front and center. Move over Ronda Rousey."

James added that he already has a ‘gimmick’ match that will be his staple, the “rim on a pole” match. James said, "I won’t even need a ladder."


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