WWE 205 Live to Comedy Central

205 Live: From a Joke to Comedy

On the heels of WWE Smackdown signing to move to the FOX network in 2019, WWE has also sold the TV rights to their cruiserweight show, 205 Live

As it currently stands, 205 Live airs on the WWE Network immediately following Smackdown and has generated very little interest. However, in the wake of the billion-dollar Smackdown and Raw TV deals, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has just announced that he has sold the TV rights for the "little guys' show." 

McMahon said, "Because they're so tiny, the cruiserweights are hardly ever seen on either Raw or Smackdown. I mean, they're on the shows, but compared to fellas like Braun (Strowman) they're just so small they can't be seen. I'd like to get them some exposure on a channel where they can be noticed, and one that is more they're style, like Comedy Central. These petite men would fit nicely on a network with similar shows like Ugly American's, Idiot Sitter, and Reno 911 reruns."

Comedy Central CEO Doug Herzog is excited about the purchase. "We can't wait to have live WWE programming available to all of our audience. We don't think of the show as inferior just because the size of the athletes is lacking greatly. We just think of it as a wrestling version of Tiny Toons or Muppet Babies." 

According to McMahon, "The little guys' show is still quality programming, it's just a farce because they're so small. The reason the show doesn't generate interest is that they can't be taken seriously on the WWE Network amongst quality shows such as Legends House, Camp WWE, and Thunder replays. Does anyone really think Noam Dar is a credible threat after watching Scott Steiner toss around luchadors? Sorry. The WWE Network is just not a place for midgets... excuse me, little people." 

The sale of 205 Live has already been inked and is set to switch over to Comedy Central during the next round of mid-season cuts, so if you're Jeff and Some Aliens or The Gorburger Show, it's time to step your game up. 

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