WWE Resigns Emma Ahead of Return to Australia; She's Juiced Up Too!!

WWE recently announced a return to Australia for a huge event which will air live on WWE network in October. WWE will be running a pay-per-view event inside the 100,000-seat Melbourne Cricket Ground in Victoria, Australia, and it's currently being reported as a done deal for October 6th. Not advertised is a special down under segment with The Bushwackers being inducted into the Down Under wing of the WWE Hall of Fame along with The Kangaroos who are being inducted by Captain Kangaroo. 

Aiming to put well over 100,000 people inside the MCG, the Herald Sun also reported that WWE is targeting some marquee names to appear on the card, with newest female superstar Ronda Rousey as the headliner. This is significant not only because the company is heavily pushing the former UFC star, but also Australia was the site of Rousey's infamous loss to Holly Holm with a crowd of over 56,000 people on hand in Melbourne. Also targeted for the card, apparently, are John Cena, The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio.

In unrelated news, WWE just resigned Emma, who is billed as a native to Australia. Emma, who is now in peak physical condition similar to Jinder Mahal, was resigned to WWE.  According to WWE it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Emma is from Australia. WWE plans to use her heavily to market these events. When asked for comment about this Emma said, "I don't even know why ppl think I'm from Australia, I'm Canadian."  Emma will be re-debuting with two US born wrestlers as her managers, and they will now be known as the Dundee Sisters. 

This event is scheduled to air live on Saturday October 6th at 7pm in Australia which is like 4:20am Saturday morning on the east coast, I think. Who cares??!?

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