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Mikey G on RAW vs Braun Stroman 10.10.16

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Real Fake Combat News

UFC 228 Preview: Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till  

Tonight, the UFC goes live on pay-per-view for the 228th time! Live from Dallas Texas, the UFC Welterweight Championship will be defended by current champion Tyron "The Chosen One" Woodley against the #2 contender Darren "The Gorilla Till. 

Unfortunately, that will be the only title fight on the show as the Women's Flyweight Champion Nicco Montano was taken to the hospital due to illness revolving around weight cutting. Since then, Dana White has stripped her of the UFC flyweight title and said that her…

Read more

ALL IN: Part 2  

MATCH #6: Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon 

  • After months of trying to get booked on All In, Gordon somehow made his way into the Over Budget Battle Royal wearing a mask and got the win by last eliminating Bully Ray. 
  • The win earned him the right to challenge current ROH World Champion Jay Lethal later in the show. 
  • Lethal portrayed his Black Machismo character, which he plays to the utmost perfection copying the voice and mannerisms of the original Macho Man Randy Savage. 
  • Black Machismo was…

ALL IN: Part 1  

This article is a companion piece for the biggest independent wrestling show of all time, All In.  It’s not going to be in-depth move-for-move coverage. It’s comedy, not analysis. Enjoy! 

From the Sears Center in Chicago, it’s time to place a wager and I’m going ALL IN! 

MATCH #1: MJF vs. Matt Cross 

  • This was my first time ever seeing MJF and the first time in a loooong time that I’ve seen Cross so I was excited about this match, and it didn’t disappoint. 
  • Exactly what an opener on this type of…

SNAPPED: A Tale of Two Broken Bones 

Watch this video. This is a video of the Omega BJJ no gi absolutes tournament which took place on Saturday, August 25th. 

I did an entire podcast discussing the incident so if you'd like to check that out you can listen to it here. I'll sum it up for you though... I really wanted to win this tournament. My buddy Tommy Carpenter runs this no-gi tournament each year at his school, where I train, Omega MMA in Clearwater, Florida. It's a top-notch MMA and BJJ school. They also have an excellent youth…

Read more
These two guys are funny. Not 'ha ha' funny... more like a traffic accident involving a hearse and a clown car.”

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Comedy Suplex has been a banner for a number of projects over the years including The Comedy Suplex podcast, the Cotton Mouth Comedy Tour, FIST Combat pro wrestling, and other specialized comedy shows.

In 2018 the brand is back! Currently, Comedy Suplex has become a comedic outlook for two good brothers giving their take on pro wrestling, MMA, boxing, and various other forms of entertainment. Site creator Mikey G and goofball sidekick The Viggity have been friends for over 20 years dating back to their indy pro wrestling days in the late 90's. These two entertainers have developed into an off-their-rockers comedy team.

Mikey G is currently a pro wrestler/producer/comedian/entrepreneur and The Viggity is well, unlike anyone you've ever met. He's been known to perform stand-up comedy but is more of a behind the scenes comedy writer. He's also well versed in fitness and nutrition (acting as a dietician for many famous pro wrestlers over the past two decades), and has a bizarre philosophical understanding of the universe. Basically, Mikey G is the show pony, and the Viggity is the guy who scoops up the shit, aka a horse janitor. 

This team will bring you weekly or bi-weekly podcarts (podcasts) which will be available on this site, SoundCloud, and iTunes. For as little as $4.44 a month, you can get access to unedited versions of our podcarts and other stories, blogs, and various tidbits of entertainment. We also answer listener questions on the show so feel free to tweet us a question @ComedySuplex on Twitter or email us at ComedySuplex@gmail.com.

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