PeachMachine's Parade

On this show, PeachMachine will parade on a slew of zany guests, usually related to professional wrestling or mixed martial arts, but sometimes, they're just his buddies. It's a long-form interview with little to no editing. Get in-depth with wacky characters from the world of the PeachMachine or one of his various alter egos, which aren't always based in reality. It's meta-bay-bay!

PeachMachine's Parade 10: LWO bodyguard, Art Flores  

On PeachMachine’s Parade, float number 10, it’s retired WCW professional wrestler Art Flores. Known as Spider, the bodyguard of the LWO, Flores broke into the business in El Paso, Texas with the legendary Eddie Guerrero. Flores talks about his time training and traveling with Guerrero, what it was like in WCW, who was the craziest LWO member, and how he had to literally push Guerrero into rehab.

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PeachMachine's Parade 9: Patrick Brandmeyer  

It’s PeachMachine’s Parade float number 9 with St. Louis wrestling aficionado and stand-up comedian, Patrick Brandmeyer! Patrick and Peach have been longtime friends after having met at the Broadcast Center in St. Louis before entering the lucrative field of radio. As a contributor to the Wrestling Observer website, Patrick has been to over 80 independent wrestling shows in 2018 alone, and reports on all of them. He has recently become a voice of the historic South Broadway Athletic Club’s monthly wrestling showcase and is a prominent figure at all the local shows. 

Patrick and Peach discuss the independent wrestling scene of St. Louis, including reminiscing about old Gateway Championship Wrestling characters. Patrick also gives his thoughts on the ones to look out for in the future. Find Patrick on Youtube doing standup, follow him on social media at PatrickAB7, and if you’re at an independent wrestling show in St. Louis, just look for his famous Wayne’s World hat.


PeachMachine's Parade 8: Chris Najdek of  

The greatest satire comedy writer of our day, Chris Najdek, joins Peach for a discussion about what inspires him, how he picks his targets, and his creative process. Najdek is a writer for Follow him on social media @Chris_Najdek to keep up with his latest satirical roastings.

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