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We’ve combined forces with to bring you the funniest professional wrestling and MMA coverage on the Internet! Now, the Comedy Suplex Podcart family of Dirty Ron McDonald, PeachMachine, Nature Boy Jon and Ed in San Antonio, will join with Mike Coughlin, Matt Grady, Chris Najdek, and the rest of the HalfGuarded writing staff… and we’re doing a promotion right now. If you buy the Comedy Suplex "Who Cares?" shirt or the “I broke Peach’s leg” shirt from, and tweet a photo of it…

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I Broke Peach's Leg - Get the shirt!  

Support the @PeachMachine and make fun of him at the same time! Get the shirt! 

Peach is back at work finally but is still in the hole. If you've already donated, you're already a hero, but if you'd like to cement your legendary status, support his recovery, support the site, and zing him! 

The first 10 people who buy it and tweet a photo of it being worn, YOU will get to be a guest on his show, PeachMachine's Parade. If you're shy, or if your wardrobe doesn't need another ironic t-shirt, you can still…

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SNAPPED: A Tale of Two Broken Bones 

Watch this video. This is a video of the Omega BJJ no gi absolutes tournament which took place on Saturday, August 25th. 

I did an entire podcast discussing the incident so if you'd like to check that out you can listen to it here. I'll sum it up for you though... I really wanted to win this tournament. My buddy Tommy Carpenter runs this no-gi tournament each year at his school, where I train, Omega MMA in Clearwater, Florida. It's a top-notch MMA and BJJ school. They also have an excellent youth…

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"The Beach Bums" Mikey G & The Viggity vs. Bryan Alvarez and ? at FSW VEGAS  

Rent the infamous Beach Bums (Mikey G & The Viggity) vs. Bryan Alvarez & ? in a Tag Team Match

for the F4W video site go to For $2.99, rent the match that made @BryanAlavarez famous through the beating put on him by @PeachMachine / @TheViggity to bring home the win for the Comedy Suplex Podcart... @ComedySuplex

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Hulk Hogan is Back, WWE Roster Immediately Offended 

Listen up all my little non-gender-specific-sters...

On the kick off show for the WWE pay-per-view Extreme Rules, it was announced that Hulk Hogan was backstage and had already been mingling with the talent. WWE also announced that Hogan was being put back into the WWE Hall of Fame and that his return to TV is imminent. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Hogan opened his yap. 

Upon arrival backstage, Hogan addressed the roster and immediately put his size 17 wrestling boot in his mouth. Having…

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Lesnar to UFC, Throws WWE Universal Title in Trash 

Vince, you can take this belt and stick it!

The UFC used a WWE angle to build up the next heavyweight championship fight. After winning the main event of UFC 226 and becoming the heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier thought he was all clear to ride away into the sunset. He predicted his win, predicted he would defend once more, and call it a career. He was halfway there. Little did he know that he had just opened a new chapter. 

Cormier won the UFC heavyweight championship in spectacular fashion by…

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Lebron James Retires from NBA, Reports to WWE Performance Center  

Attention WWE superstars... Prepare to get dunked on

Possibly the biggest superstar and greatest basketball player on the planet has retired from the NBA and will be changing entertainment avenues. In a stunning announcement, NBA free agent Lebron James said that he has opted to retire from the league and will begin training for a career in WWE. 

James was spotted at the WWE Performance Center during last week’s tryout camp amongst other premier athletes from the NFL, NCAA, and the Olympics. All the…

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WWE 205 Live to Comedy Central 

205 Live: From a Joke to Comedy

On the heels of WWE Smackdown signing to move to the FOX network in 2019, WWE has also sold the TV rights to their cruiserweight show, 205 Live

As it currently stands, 205 Live airs on the WWE Network immediately following Smackdown and has generated very little interest. However, in the wake of the billion-dollar Smackdown and Raw TV deals, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has just announced that he has sold the TV rights for the "little guys' show." 

McMahon said, "Because…

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WWE Resigns Emma Ahead of Return to Australia; She's Juiced Up Too!! 

WWE recently announced a return to Australia for a huge event which will air live on WWE network in October. WWE will be running a pay-per-view event inside the 100,000-seat Melbourne Cricket Ground in Victoria, Australia, and it's currently being reported as a done deal for October 6th. Not advertised is a special down under segment with The Bushwackers being inducted into the Down Under wing of the WWE Hall of Fame along with The Kangaroos who are being inducted by Captain Kangaroo. 

Aiming to put well…

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UFC 225: Romero Misses Weight, Blames Satan 

Not even Jesus can save the middleweight title

You heard it right. Yoel Romero missed weight again. After being given an extra two hours to make the 185-pound weight limit for the UFC middleweight championship headline match for the UFC 225 pay per view, Romero still came in at 185.2 lbs even with the towel. 

Romero’s fight against current middleweight champion Robert Whittaker is still on, but it will not be for the championship. Romero’s faux pas comes on the heels of UFC President Dana White’s…

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