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Comedy Suplex Podcart: Episode 71 with ROH color commentator Colt Cabana - @ColtCabana joins PeachMachine & Mikey G to discuss his time in WWE, his thoughts on the ROH scene, and then he plays a round of "Who Tweeted" against Mikey G. Next week's guest on the Comedy Suplex Podcart will…

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"The Beach Bums" Mikey G & The Viggity vs. Bryan Alvarez and ? at FSW VEGAS  

Rent the infamous Beach Bums (Mikey G & The Viggity) vs. Bryan Alvarez & ? in a Tag Team Match

for the F4W video site go to For $2.99, rent the match that made @BryanAlavarez famous through the beating put on him by @PeachMachine / @TheViggity to bring home the win for the Comedy Suplex Podcart... @ComedySuplex

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