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WCW Nitro Episode 64 - One Manly Night in December

Pete "QT" Kanter was on the scene when this meeting went down, dressed up as Ciclope. Nodoby noticed because Bischoff never noticed the Luchadors.

Nitro 64 – One Manly Night in December 

Eric Bischoff: Ok everyone, gather around. We…

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WCW Nitro Episode 56

Nitro 56 – Monday October 7, 1996 

The New World Order continues to target Macho Man Randy Savage among other WCW superstars. Plus, Lex Luger, Jeff Jarrett, and more. 

Super Sleuth "Quiet Time" again sneaks his way into the

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WCW Nitro Episode 55

Our super sleuth "Quiet Time" is at it again. This time spying on another preshow meeting between the WCW booking committee. It all happened exactly as written. Nobody has this sort of inside info, not Meltzer, not the Torch... none

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WCW Nitro Episode 48


A source for the dirt-sheets that was at Nitro 48 left his notes in this box of transcripts… 

Match 1: Seems like WCW is out of ideas… Here comes the Rock N' Roll Express. Good move, put the old…

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WCW Nitro Episode 45

Peter "Quiet Time" Kanter is at it again, lurking in the background of the booking meetings of the top WCW brass. All his words are 100% true, accurate, and reliable, as far as you know...


Booking meeting…

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WCW Nitro Episode 44

Peter "Quiet Time" Kanter, the super sneaky sleuth reporting... I'm not making any of this up. Everything really happened as transcribed below. Believe it all. It's funnier that way.

NITRO 44 - The Outsiders Get Inside Your Head!

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WCW Nitro Episode 43

Peter "Quiet Time" Kanter, the invisible reporter, has been known to lurk inside of wrestling locker rooms and get the inside skinny on the biz. The following transcripts are 100% true, accurate, and definitely happened, exactly as he has written. Believe

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