WCW Nitro Episode 48


A source for the dirt-sheets that was at Nitro 48 left his notes in this box of transcripts… 

Match 1: Seems like WCW is out of ideas… Here comes the Rock N' Roll Express. Good move, put the old white guys in with Harlem Heat as tag champs and let them get reparations. Well played Ted. 

Looks like they ran out of fatties and goobers to sit the front row. Bischoff must have decided, “Let’s just go out into Orlando and bring in a little league softball team. Make sure a couple of white dads are really looking bored. “ 

I can’t hear the announcers, but I’m pretty sure this is week four of Tony and Zbysko in the same matching shirts.  

Finally a work rate match, Benoit vs. Alex Wright. Wright did a backflip to enter the ring. I guess he never worked for Bill Behrens or he’d know to never start a match with a high spot because you got nowhere to go, kid.

Jimmy Hart’s hair is the same as it was in 1986! I’m sure it will all be gone by, say 2014. Or he'll just keep spray painting it on. 

Here comes "Slick Willy" Regal, he’s a quality worker.  oo bad all these marks here don’t know it. They're just into bums like Booty Man and Harlem Heat. All the smart marks back at the ECW arena know the best workers.   

Match 2: Regal vs. Leapin' Lanny’s Brother (I’m an insider and know true identities). 

Savage still has the same three moves as he did at Wrestlemania III. Wow. Another arm drag. Yawn.  

I’m taping this in case I miss a finish and I can go home and time the matches. I’ll label it meticulously and place it in my well-organized VHS tape closet.  It will be so easy to go back and watch them in 20 years on my VCR. I’m glad I’m putting in tons of time securing footage on a medium that will always be viable and relevant.

A countdown for hour number two? That’s such a ratings grab. It’s embarrassing. It’s like when they put Sting and Hogan on free TV to pop a rating, and it didn’t work. Meltzer wrote about how stupid that was in rag numbers 4726 and how they should have built some heat first.  

Looks like Macho got busted hard way on his lip. Or had a herpes outbreak. Both are possible.

They had the nWo deliver flowers in a Limo. The flowers say, “Condolences on the Death of WCW.” Haha. Like anybody doesn’t know the Outsiders are under contract to WCW. Like anyone could kill WCW. No one. Never. Certainly, two guys jumping over from WWF and immediately getting a lot of power could never hurt WCW.  

Finally, we get out of Disney and we’ve got a guard-rail that skews the view of the horribly disgusting people in the front row.  

Luger and Sting challenge the nWo for a rematch from Hog Wild. Hog Wild? Jesus. What creativity. We will see if the heel ref angle continues. 

We get a Renegade vs. DDP match. DDP must be in with someone in the back, or Renegade must have a lot of heat, as DDP goes over clean.  Gimmick.   

Next is Hall and Nash in the back. Nash has a huge dip in his mouth. Nash is so good at breaking down the fourth wall. That could certainly never undermine your credibility. 

Konnan vs Jim Powers. I guess Bischoff’s daughter has a dance recital tonight as Konnan is just wearing plain black trunks. No mask, no tutu. Doesn’t Konnan know that no one can get over just wearing black trunks and black boots? According to Tony Schiavone, Powers is really on a roll. I guess he’s referring to his bowling league because it’s not with wins on Nitro. Konnan I guess is a heel now as he used the ropes. Still rocking those Tony Hawk knee and elbow pads. Now he’s heeling on the crowd. A great burial calling them the new world odor. Ha. Who writes this crap?

Finally, the debut of Ron Studd. I guess the Yeti died. That’s a shame. Here comes Benoit with Woman and Liz Poffo. I heard Benoit is sleeping with Liz, which is why he has heat with Macho. Studd has a great physique. Ain’t a lick of fat on that man’s body. Studd is really making Benoit look good here.  I’ve said it before, but Benoit is capable of being carried. Studd is really agile for a big man. Benoit with the clean win over Studd. Who decided to put over all the vanilla midgets? This shit won’t draw. 

Mean Gene up in the ring with Woman who can’t keep her hands off of he, Liz Poffo, and Benoit. They can’t keep letting Benoit speak. He’s so boring.  It’s all like this intense realistic stuff that just doesn’t work anymore. It’s 1996 Chris, start using catch phrases buddy.   

Steiners vs. Harlem Heat. Seen it a million times. It’s so obvious Rick is calling all of those complicated spots. It’s clearly choreographed.  

Referring to the inside friendship of Hogan and Bootyman is really clever. 

So now Bobby "The Brain" and Schiavone are looking for the outsiders who are coming through the crowd. Lots of marks getting to slap the backs of the heels. Luger and Sting are making their way to the ring. We still haven’t learned the identity of the 4th member...

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