All the news and analysis from the world of women's professional wrestling, as discussed by longtime buddies Ed in San Antonio and PeachMachine. If it pertains to the art of women's professional wrestling, then it will be covered. Enjoy!

Ed Loredo is known as Ed in San Antonio because, well, that's where he lives. A regular contributor and event coordinator at the WrestlingObserver.com website, Ed lives for all pro wrestling but is an aficionado of women's pro wrestling. Peach is just along for the ride. Follow Ed on Twitter @EdinSanAntonio and friend him on FaceBook at Facebook.com/EdwardLoredo.

Women's Wrestling Extravaganza 6: NXT Takeover & WWE Royal Rumble  

Find out about all of the women's matches from a fantastic wrestling weekend presented by WWE. 

Saturday night was the NXT Takeover event featuring an NXT Women's Championship title defense by Shayna Baszler taking on Bianca Belair. 

Sunday night there were two more Women's Championship matches. The first saw Asuka defend her Smackdown title against "The Man" Becky Lynch, and the second was Ronda Rousey defending her Raw title against Sasha Banks. Of course, there was the Women's Royal Rumble as well. 

If you missed these shows, don't worry, as Ed and Peach have you covered. 

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Women's Wrestling Extravaganza 5: Recapping 2018  

It was a year of "firsts" in the world of women's professional wrestling. Relive the excitement with Ed in San Antonio and PeachMachine as they discuss all the big news from an incredible year. 

In this episode, go back and relive some of the best moments from Ring of Honor as they crowned their first Women of Honor World Champion, Sumie Sakai, and made top contenders as well. 

WWE's year was all about their new phenom performer, Ronda Rousey! From Rousey's debut at Wrestlemania to her title defense at the first ever women's only pay-per-view WWE Evolution, 2018 was a star-making performance for her. 

Also, relive the record-setting performance by Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez as the two grappled for 75 minutes in the longest iron-woman match of all time! 

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Womens Wrestling Extravaganza 4: Female Wrestling Observer End-of-Year Awards  

It’s episode 4 of the Women’s Wrestling Extravaganza with host Ed in San Antonio (@EdinSanAntonio) and junior producer PeachMachine (@PeachMachine). On this episode, the fellas discuss the Wrestling Observer end of year awards but give their choices as to who would have won the awards if they were only open to female wrestlers. Ed also gives his version of Mount Rushmore in a few categories. 

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